I’m Josie (Jo) and my son and I came to homeschooling when he was already high school age. Having completely fallen in love with home education I now wish it was what we had chosen from the start!

We have experienced both very structured “school at home” style home educating and a much more child led unschooling type of approach. The latter has worked better for us but I can still see the benefits of a formal approach for a different child. I also have a younger daughter still in Primary school (for now) so I know what i’ts like to juggle to the two.

Before becoming a parent I worked as a Careers Advisor and a librarian both of which have given me skills that have been useful in homeschooling. Having been a Careers Adviser I have a good understanding of post 16 education and progression routes after compulsory school age. The research skills I developed as a librarian have been invaluable in finding and evaluating resources to help us on our journey.

I have been blogging for about 8 years and while I initially wrote about home education on my general parenting blog, I decided I wanted to create a stand alone website about homeschooling in the UK that could act as resource for home educators. When I first started out I struggled to get my head around the options and the resources so I am hoping this blog will make it more straightforward for parents just starting out as well as experienced home educators looking for new resources.

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