Homeschooling at Key Stage 2

mum and son homeschooling

If you have a child in school at key stage two and are considering moving to home education, this post explains everything you need to know and also suggests some resources you might like to use when homeschooling at key stage 2. Key stage 2 refers to English school years 3, 4, 5 and 6, … Read more

Homeschooling at Key Stage 1

Mum and 6 year old home educating

Starting homeschooling at Key Stage 1 might mean that your child has never been to school, or that they have been for a year or two. Whichever is the case, this post explains what you need to consider when home educating at the Key Stage one ages. Key Stage 1 covers school years 1 and … Read more

School Deregistration Letter

person holding a pen writing a school deregistration letter

If your child is currently attending a mainstream school in England or Wales, all you need to do to start home education is deregister them from school. In order to do so you need to send a home education deregistration letter to the headteacher of the school they are attending. This should be a simple … Read more

The Local Authority and Home Education

In the UK each Local Authority is responsible for ensuring that all children in their remit are receiving an education, this includes home educated Children. While Government guidance exists, each Local Authority (there are 152 in England) takes a different approach to doing this, which is why it’s important to understand exactly what their remit … Read more

Homeschooling Law UK [Plus Parent Guidance]

mother and son homeschooling reading a book together

Homeschooling (correctly called home education) in the United Kingdom is a legal option for parents who wish to educate their children outside of traditional school settings. In fact, it’s actually the default option because you have to actively enrol your child in school. The key legislation governing home education is the Education Act 1996, specifically … Read more

Homeschooling at KS3 [Key Stage Three]

blond girl wearing headphones to do homeschooling course

Homeschooling is different for each age and stage of a child’s life. As children get older, their capabilities grow and they need different things from their home education. This post will cover some of the key things to be aware of when starting homeschooling at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 3 refers to the work … Read more

How to Start Homeschooling in the UK

Family starting homeschooling including a mum, a son and a daughter working on a project together

If you’re in the UK and considering homeschooling (correctly known as home educating here) you might feel at a lost as to where to start. Currently just under 1% of British school aged children are home educated so there’s every chance that you don’t know anyone who does it. This can lead to feeling at … Read more